Bi Green, besides turning the world into a more accessible and flatter place, it makes it greener.

It´s like riding a bike... once you know you´ll never forget
The bicycle has always been one of the first means of locomotion being part of our life and adventures. Because it’s easy, it’s fun and it’s it’s there, the first time you learn the skill of riding it, it’s yours forever.

And nowadays the bicycle is in fashion. Maybe because of the growing awareness of the importance of practising sports and the physical well-being to which the bicycle is linked, or maybe because environmental issues are more and more a central part of our life; therefore the bicycle is one of the main ecological allies of nature. Iit’s a fact that people are now more than ever aware of the benefit of using a bike for pleasure, for convenience and for eco-friendly activity.

In addition to this context, Bi Green was born from a good idea. From an old bicycle, a real “vintage” that was far too beautiful to be considered rubbish but too old to ride it easily

From that old bike came the idea of restoring it. But that wasn’t enough because it was still too heavy to ride, especially up hill. The next step to give that museum bike a second chance was installing an electric motor. And it worked, and well too. From there to “let’s do this and help everybody with the same passion” was a small step.

Bi Green, besides turning the world into a more accessible and flatter place, it makes it greener.

A world with more pedalling
It’s true that Portugal and its geography are far from being Amsterdam. With its ups and downs and, until recently, the lack of a real policy to protect and respect cyclists, turned the bicycle into a toy or a vehicle only used sporadically for a short distance. Except those who practised cycling as a real sport and hobby, few people considered a bike to be a healthy and viable alternative for regular use. However, this trend is changing.

Bi Green, besides turning the world into a more accessible and flatter place, it makes it greener. A world with more pedalling.

In order to turn cycling into a more democratic practise this is the solution that allows everyone to pedal with pleasure in a healthy way. You don’t need to be a top athlete to climb the Serra de Sintra, but you still have to love cycling and physical activity.

We give you the first push. Then, instead of “suffering” because the destination is far and uphill, you can enjoy a pleasant journey.

Downhill is easy, for uphill Bi Green is your ally.


Everybody makes it.
An electric bicycle is not a motorcycle or a scooter. It’s a common bicycle that allows the cyclist to switch on a helping device whenever he/she wants to, in order to save energy and to be able to appreciate the journey without getting behind or getting off his/her bike.

It’s an ideal solution for a family because it puts everyone on the same level and allows each one to ride with more or less effort. Everybody makes it.

And we want everyone to make it, because we want everybody to get everywhere in the best way ever: pedalling.

Your old bicycle or a new one

At Bi Green you can buy a new factory made electrical bike or you can request the installation of a motor on the bike you have at home.

The machanics of an electrical kit available at Bi Green consist of:

  • A small batery
  • A motor that will be installed on one of the wheels of the bike.

You only have to charge the battery for (x) hours, put it on your bike and you are ready to go whenever the hill is too steep, you just switch on the mechanism and you can climb any hill easily.

Any doubt? Contact us!

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